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Propolis for Pets Concentrate Pipette

Image of Propolis for Pets Concentrate Pipette


100% organic Propolis with pipette.
The word Propolis translated means DEFENDER OF THE CITY hence why Propolis is an Immune System booster and helps to fight off any attack from bacteria, parasite, fungus or virus. Propolis may be used internally or topically to help with insect bites.
Propolis is used world-wide in thousands of pharmacies, medical offices, human or veterinary medicine clinics.

Propolis is the most important product used in the beehive because of it’s anti-bacterial or anti-radiation properties. Propolis cleans the hive and protects it from infection.

100% Organic Propolis
Armagnac (French Organic Brandy)
Propolis can be useful in the treatment of: -

Suitable for
Respiratory conditions
Bacterial/fungal infections
Immune system booster
Ear infections
Mouth problems
Digestive Disorders.

Improves fitness and energy levels. Adding to a healthy overall balanced pet.

Also available in a concentrate or spray bottle for your convenience.