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Bee Pollen (110 grams)


100% Organic Bee pollen 110g

The most nutritionally rich food on our planet. The caviar of the plant world.
The bees gather nectar and pollen from only the best flowers from our environment. The pollen is the gathered stamen from the flowers and is taken into the hive and is fed to the bee larvae. In each teaspoon there are over 27 vitamins and minerals, providing us with an increase in general health and wellbeing.
Bee pollen assists with hay fever and other environmental allergies.
Like all the products coming from the bee hive, bee pollen as well as bursting with vitamins minerals and amino acids, bee pollen also contains anti-bacterial properties.

To be taken orally, 1 tea spoon daily, sprinkled on cereal, yoghurt and drizzled with Vonnybee honey.